Tim Steele is the founder of Tim Steele Design LCC, working in three distinct but related disciplines: art, interiors, and structures.

With solo and group exhibitions spanning 15 years, Tim’s abstract pieces are shown in galleries, public spaces and in private collections around the world. His primary pieces are comprised of individually painted panels that are arranged and re-arranged like puzzle pieces until the final image falls into place; one in which interlocking strokes of utter simplicity unite, resulting in a complex arrangement that is in some areas flat and in others creates the illusion of astonishing depth.

An extension of his painting, Tim’s design work on interiors developed from art patrons desires to have spaces that highlight art while expressing welcome and comfort. Whether modern or rustic, commercial or residential, a Tim Steele interior expresses an ease of use and comfort without fussiness. His interior work ranges from NYC apartments to 8,000 square foot homes, and from private offices to entire commercial floors.


Tim’s upstate retreat, a farm in Livingston Manor, NY, inspired an interest in unique structures large and small. From outdoor summer kitchens to treehouses to dwelling structures, Tim is combining recycled and new materials to create structures that are both livable and distinctive. Collaborating with architects, he has created four custom houses made of recycled shipping containers and is developing a line of modular container structures that can be used in urban and rural environments.


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